Saturday, February 18, 2012

Candle Burning

This is an amazing project but requires practice and patience, as you can easily melt the candle while trying to add an image, or make it bubble just as I did!
What you need
  • candle
  • tissue paper
  • heat tool
  • ink/stamping markers
  • stamps of any kind
  • embellishments such as brads, ribbon, fabric flowers (or crochet)

First, stamp your preferred image on the tissue paper on the SHINY SIDE using ink pads or stamping markers. When using multiple colors of markers on stamp, "huff" it when completely covered with ink. ("Huffing" is a stamping term meaning you'll be breathing as hot of breath on the stamp to moisturize it.)

Second, cut out stamped images as close as possible to edges.

Third, using heat tool CAREFULLY heat image on candle. As it heats, you will notice is starting to melt into the candle. If you heal it too much, the candle will bubble and melt too much, just as the picture to the right did. Hold the heat tool approximately 12 inches back but continuously heat the image. It may take several minutes.

Fourth, add any embellishments once all your stamped images are in place.



My blue candle didn't turn out. As you can see by the picture, the wax paper didn't melt completely into the candle and, its hard to tell by the picture but I burned the word 'sparkle' too much and it misshaped the candle.

Front of candle

Back of candle

As I love to crochet, I added a crocheted flower but you can add fabric flowers as well.

This project is great for wedding favors by purchasing a personalized stamp with names and date stamped on a smaller candle!

Hope you enjoyed this project and find it as fun as I did to do!

Until next craft...


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