Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Here's to 2015

Coming Up for 2015.....

Wow!!! 2014 came and went but what an amazing year it was over here!!!! I am truly looking forward to a new year though.

For starters I have dipped my hands in a few different venues. One, I am a Mad Mad Maker which many of you know but as of summer of 2014 I was brought on as an admin. I think my official title is Mad Minstrel. haha. I am also involved with a new project called Blog Stalkers. You will see more about that in the upcoming months!

Upcoming Products for 2015

  • I am planning on a few different crochet patterns to be released this year. 
  • I will be bringing my clay buttons back to my Etsy Shop this Spring.
  • **NEW** Coming this Spring I will be releasing embroidery designs.

Also coming in 2015 I will be having a weekly link up and a monthly link up. Detail on those are coming up soon.

I am looking forward to another awesome year and I hope you hang around for the ride!!

Happy Crafting

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Meet the Blog Stalkers

Blog Stalkers!! What are we? Stalkers... the fun kind! 

Yes, we stalk blogs and a variety of kinds! There are three of us and we each have our own interests, though crochet is what brought us together. We decided to share with you the things we love, crochet and more! Each of us will feature a post or article written by a blogger we love and then we'll be sharing it with you! These blog stalking posts will be shared with you on a monthly basis on all of our blogs!
So now, without further ado, here's our blog stalkers and a small peek at what they might share with you!

Hello! I'm Crystal, founder and designer behind Crystalized Designs. I'm happy to be a part of the Blog Stalkers! You'll mainly find I follow crochet related blogs but I can't turn my back on blogs with great recipes. Other blog I follow relate to doing fun activities and crafts with children. I love doing fun small things with them, keepsakes to remember the younger years by! I'm looking forward to sharing with you some amazing posts from others!

Hello! I'm Lisa, the person behind Pink Snail Boutique. When I was asked to be part of Blog Stalkers I was honored and excited to be on the team. I have a bit of the crafting ADD bug so my tastes are all over the place when it comes to reading blogs. I will admit most of my blog following has come from searches and pins I have found on Pinterest. From crochet to homeschooling to planning parties. As a mother of 3, all of which are crafters themselves, I am sure I will have something for everyone. Little Lisa factoid- My ribbon and bead stash are almost as out of control as my yarn stash. I can't wait to stalk some blogs to share with you.

Hello there!!! I am Stephanie with Smalltown Dreamz. I am so thrilled to be part of the Blog Stalker Team. When it comes to overall crafting I like to dip my hands in everything. I love to learn new things. I follow many types of blogs because you never know where your next inspiration can come from. I have been blessed to have a crafty husband so we have been able to teach our oldest son how to build and create things for himself. I am looking forward to sharing all the inspiration that I find.

You can also find Blog Stalkers on Facebook!!!

Stay tuned for next month to see who we have been stalking!!!!

If you have been stalked and would like to add our button to your page please feel free

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Before the Final Crunch

Are you feeling the last minute crunch to get those last minute gifts bought or finish up the last of your handmade gifts. I know I am. haha...... I am not sure why I do this but I always manage to procrastinate Christmas. I mean I know when its coming every year. I know that it will be on time every year but every year I manage to fall literally to the last minute. Last year I was wrapping gifts when we got to the house we were supposed to exchange at. How sad is that......... Having a new little one I am sure this year will be much like the year before.

A few weeks ago I was at Michael's and picked up a beautiful skein of  Isaac Mizrahi Sutton the color was West End. Super Bulky and an acrylic/wool mix.  I knew I wanted to save it for myself but seeing as it was only 62 yards and I only had one skein I wasn't sure what I was going to make with it. into the stash it went. lol ( we have all been there)

So anyway I have had a few late nights lately as I am sure every mom does with a newborn. The other night was one of those nights. I sat there staring at my lovely new yarn from across the room and decided I just wanted to at least touch it lmao (yes we have all been there too haha) I grabbed it and a hook and things just started flowing. Next thing I knew I had a cover for my hook jar.

I LOVE the way it laid out!!!!!

I used a long half double crochet around the body of it.

Even though it is something small I still feel awesome cause I took the time to make something for myself.

Now back to the chaos

Happy Crafting