Wednesday, January 30, 2013

First Stuffed Animal Pattern

First I would like to say I am sorry for being MIA lately. The cold and flu season hit our house hard and we have been battling to get it out since the week of Christmas. I think we are all FINALLY on the road to recovery.

I have to admit as a designer you may fail more times than you may like to admit but each time is a new learning experience. A couple weeks ago I shared with you how I go about making my sewing templates. On many occasions that technique has worked strait off the first try.  However taking on something like a stuffed animal I should have known that I might be in for a bit of a disappointment thinking I would get it on the first try.

I am not saying that my elephant looks horrible I am just saying the pattern could use some adjustments. But that is the good thing about using the process I use to design my patterns. It is so easy to go back to the drawing board to make those adjustments and then just cut out a new paper template. I had to share this with you though. It so important not to give up. Look at parts of what you don't like about something and try and fix it until you do like it.

I do look forward to getting this pattern down to perfection but it is fun to see the process along the way. 

Happy Crafting


  1. Very sweet elephant! Good work. Best wishes, Linda

  2. This looks very similar to my first attempt at an elephant. I am off to the drawing board again. Lots of luck!


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