Friday, January 18, 2013

Feature Me Friday Week 2

There are so many types of crochet stitches out there and I always think to myself it would be so cool if one day I could somehow create my own crochet stitch. I think no matter what I would call my stitch the dream stitch or something along that line. Anyway this week we are going to meet someone that actually did get a chance to create her own stitch. Lets give a big warm welcome to Candy from

" One day when I was sick and making a slouch hat and single crocheting in a daze. Not looking at what I was doing until I noticed my flow had stopped. I looked down and couldn't figure out what I had done, so I ripped out the stitch slowly paying a attention so I could repeat it. Once I figured it out I kept repeating it just to see what it would look like, and I noticed what looked like bows and on further inspection I saw the butterflies! I was so amazed I ripped out what I has done on my hat so far and started to do it with this new stitch instead. As soon as I finished the hat I filmed this video sharing what I had just done. (You can see the video here.) and started on a pattern and project right away to share it! I hope that all who sees it will get inspired and think of all kinds of things that can be made with this stitch"

I just love this stitch and I can't wait to try it out perhaps on the pair of wrist warmers that I have been wanting to make myself. You can find more great tutorials and awesome work done by Candy at her website Meladora's Creations. You can also follow her on Facebook on her Fan Page

If you would like to be featured here on Feature Me Friday's than please send me a few good quality photos, a description about yourself, your item you would like featured and what inspired you to make it. Also include a link to your blog post and any other links you would like added. Email them to   subject: Feature Me Friday

See you next week

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  1. I have this stitched saved on Youtube. I've been wanting to try it. Thanks Stephanie for these great peeks into other crocheters work.

    p.s. thank you Candy for sharing your butterfly stitch (pretty)


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