Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Turning a Flat Sheet into a Single Panel Curtain

Hi everyone!!!! Finally the holidays are over and I am cleaned up. My house is nearly back to normal which means it was time for me to pull out the sewing machine again.

I know we have all come across it...You go to redecorate your kids rooms, new paint, new wall hangings, new sheets and pillow cases but wait NO MATCHING CURTAIN!!!!! Well this is what happened to a friend of mine. So she gave me a call and asked me what I could do to help. So I thought I would share.

GURR! Well here is a simple fix that I am sure everyone will like. Most parents I know when they buy the sheet sets for their kids beds don't put on the flat sheet. This usually just sits on the top shelf of the closet and wastes space. Why not use that matching sheet in replace of spending more money and trying to go through the burden of finding a matching curtain.

This process is very easy even for a beginner sewer. I left it as a single panel since we were not looking to be able to tie it back.

All I did was take the top part of the sheet and folded it over so that the already made seam in now in the back. I ironed it to hold it over Sew I could make a new seam at the top.

Once I finished the top seam I had sewn one more line at the bottom of the flap. This leaves me with a 2 inch hole to slip my curtain rod into.

That's it sew 2 strait lines and you have yourself a full length single pain curtain.

I have all venetian blinds here so I was not able to get it hung on a curtain rod. But I promise when she gets it up in her home I will revisit this and show you how it looked hung with all the other matching bedding in the
room. Perfect for any little sports fan!!!

Happy Sewing,

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