Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Rainbow Quilt WIP

My Rainbow Quilt WIP

Last week I started a new sewing project and I just wanted to share a little of it with you. Over the past year I have been collecting a lot of scrap fabric that I can practice with so I wouldn't feel upset if I screwed something up majorly. Most of the fabric I collected for that were pre-cut squares already so it was pretty easy for me to just pick out some colors and start sewing my strips together.

I really am looking forward to finishing this quilt top, Because I want to try FMQ. I have heard many things about it and I really just want to try it out. I found an awesome site that I shared with you on Friday last week with lots of info for beginners such as myself. I will for sure be using her FMQ Lesson to reference back to.

Have you ever done FMQ I would love to hear about your experience. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

 I also have a question for you sewers out there.

What is the best product to use when you have cut fabric ends sticking out but you don't want the fabric to fray? Any and all advice would be awesome!!

If you ever have any questions that you would like asked please feel free to write me and I will post it at the end of my posts to ask the rest of the readers. Don't worry I wont have to use your names. But this will be a great way to get some different advice from other people. Just email me at smalltowndreamz@gmail.com

Happy Crafting,

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