Friday, February 22, 2013

Changes in Feature Me Friday

Something that has always been important to me since I started blogging was the power of networking and having a close knit blogging community. When I first started Feature Me Friday I had the idea of letting other blogs share their yarn or fabric projects and have the ability to link back to share the more detailed version of your feature.

Over the past 2 months I have gone on the adventure of looking to fill up these spots by finding some stories to share with you. As much as I would like to continue this, I feel that I am taking a lot of extra time away from my family and my own projects. I would still like to feature other writers and makers, but it will just have to be when one of you request to do a spot.

So on that note for now on we will have "Special" Feature Me Fridays.
A Feature Me Friday Post may consist of:

  •   a tutorial
  •  a newly finished item
  •  a pattern release
  • giveaway
  •  sales  

If you have one of these coming up or recently posted one of the above and would like to be featured here on Feature Me Friday's than please send me: a small description about yourself, a description of what you would like featured.  Please also include a link to your blog post and any other links you would like added like Facebook Fan Pages or Shop Pages. Email them to   subject: Feature Me Friday

I truly wish I could continue on the way I have been but when I started to blog I promised that it would not cut into my family life and with my little one getting bigger and more active we now have sports and other activities that will take up more of our time and I still want to be able to share my own projects and adventures. 

I hope that you will understand. 

Happy Crafting,


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