Friday, February 15, 2013

Feature Me Friday ~ Week 7

This week on Feature me Friday I wanted to give a special shout out to someone that I look up to in the crochet blogging world. Not only does she have an amazing talent when it comes to her hook and yarn but she does a lot to help promote other "handmade" shops. As a matter of fact today ends another one of her Amazing multi vendor Giveaways. I would like to give a big warm welcome to Charissa from Mad Mad Me

" I am the proud mother of 3 creative children and married to an adorable man who loves me more than coffee. My blog is filled with the Madness of our home, our lives, our hands, and our Love for each other. All toil is for my family, whom I love more than chocolate.

Once in awhile I like to run giveaways that highlight handmade items. Why? Well I feel it’s my mission in life to promote the Little Guy (being a Little Guy myself), to create until my hands are crippled, to appreciate the handiwork of others and to eat as much chocolate as is humanly possible. And what an adventure this quest has been! I’ve met some very kindred spirits in these giveaway times and been introduced to so much concentrated talent that I am humbled by human creativity (I’ve also eaten obscene amount of chocolate)."

I owe a huge Thank you to Charissa for the time she takes to help promote the small homemade community out there. For just over this past week, being involved her her latest 7777 Fan Giveaway I have more than doubled my Facebook Fan Base.  I have always believed that by teaming up and helping each other out we will all once reach a common goal. I had to take a moment to give Charissa the spotlight because I know how much work goes into trying to promote your own business let alone a 100 other small businesses. The giveaways are a lot of work to maintain and organize not to let alone what she does for her Mad Mad Makers at the Mad Makers Marketplace. So a big THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for everything that you do.

If you wish to see some of Charissa work over at Mad Mad Me you can follow her on her blog or on her Facebook Fan Page.

Happy Crafting,


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