Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sewing a crochet hook holder

 Sewing a crochet hook holder....

So recently I have been trying out making some smaller items with the sewing machine. I decided that I needed a holder for all my crochet hooks. I started looking through my small little stash of fabric and realized I just loved this black and white butterfly print.

 I played around with a few test pieces until I figured out how I wanted to design it. I made a couple as gifts for a few of my crochet friends as well. This was a great way to practice my strait lines, which proved to be alot harder than anticipated.

I also attempted at using the monogramming stitching on the sewing machine. That is pretty interesting but I think there are so many more possibilities when you hand stitch the lettering onto something.

I think it would be nice to make a couple more and put them up for sale in my ETSY shop. I had another friend that said they would make a great makeup brush carrier. So that is on my next todo list. I am going to make her one since she like the idea. She is coming up for a visit with her brand new baby and I have to say I am super excited to get me some baby and much needed quality friend time in.

Anyway I also did this one in a cute lady bug fabric. I can only show you part of it as I have decided to gift this one. lol.

Happy Crafting

PS just a reminder that we will be collecting blankets untill Nov 15 for the Blanket drive for the Children at Children's Hospital for more information click on the link here. Thank you to everyone who have supported us through this.

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