Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Adding Some Fun in Your Wallet

So on any normal day I usually would never share or even write about this, However this is one of those things that after doing it and making sure everything is legit...Now I just have to share.

Some of my followers know that over the past couple years I got sick and was no longer able to work. So like many households across America we are now living as a one income family. Well this also means that my crafting allowance has gone out the window lol. Don't get me wrong I had no problem giving up my allowance to make sure my family was putting food in their mouths. I just would feel wrong asking the hubby for money unless it was a necessity.

On that note I hit the Internet. I started signing up like so many others out there for all the giveaways and contests and up-cycled anything I could. In my ventures I met a person via the Internet and she told me about a site that she was making money by doing nothing but pressing a fun little button everyday. Me being the sceptic that I am told her," Making money can't come that easy, let alone free and went on to say that I wouldn't do those silly offers or surveys or anything like that. I don't have time for that nor do I think they are legit. She promised me I wouldn't have to do anything of the sort. HHMMM well I told her to send me the link and that I would check it out. Worse case scenario it could be what I thought and just decline to sign up.

I have to say I was very surprised. To this day I thank her for sending me this link. Yup that's right, She was telling the truth 100%. I signed up mid January of this year. So everyday I go to the site and press this cool button 100 times a day and each press of the button will give you a chance to win points, anywhere between 1-50 pts. There are absolutely no special offer to complete,surveys to fill out, or anything else that is pesky and annoyingg. Its exactly what she said," nothing but pressing a button daily". I don't know one person that couldn't use a little extra money. If you are already surfing the web then why not spend a couple minutes a day pressing a button to earn some money. Also in terms of safety this is a private members site so they can verify you are a legitimate person. This saves from those nasty viruses,spam, and other Internet dangers.

 What you do with your points is exchange your points for either gift cards or cash in your pay pal account. Their are a couple other prizes like an XBOX 360 and things of that nature, However I either get the amazon gift cards or the cash in my pay pal account. Another awesome thing about Superpoints is that 1pt = 1 cent. So that means 500 points actually equals to $5.00. Since my first cash in the last week in January I have made almost $70. This is physical money that I have cashed out and spent to date. I am usually able to cash out every 8-10 days. I cash out for $5.00 every time and then save it in my pay pal account until I have save enough for what I want. This has truly been a fun and exciting way to make money for my crafting habits with absolutely no string attached. Did I mention that signing up for the site is FREE!! You won't have to enter in any sort of credit card information or anything like that.

Here is the link if you are interested. The site is called Superpoints

One more way that I add a little bit of money into my hobby fund is becoming a Bing rewards member. I earn points just for surfing the web. This is the easiest way to make free money and not have to go to any separate websites. All you need is Bing as your default browser and look up stuff on Bing like you would any  other search engine. With Bing points differ a bit from Superpoints 275 pts = $2.50 in Bing but in my eyes free money is free money. Here is a quick link to learn more about Bing Rewards

This has been the best way to keep crafting for me without having to spend any of my husbands money. Between the 2 sites since the beginning of 2012 I have made roughly over $100 by doing nothing but surfing the web and pressing a button. For something that takes me literally 15-20 minutes a day I don't think that is bad money. As I stated in the beginning of the post, I would never usually write about something like this. However this is one of those things that I think people can benefit from. I have a family member that does this and she is saving all her points until Christmas time and will cash out and use the money to help with the Christmas funds. I always off to give the money to my husband to add it to the family funds, but he keeps telling me to keep it and that I deserve it. I just love him to pieces.

I hope that this information can help you the same way that it helped me save my crafting funds

Happy Crafting

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