Sunday, May 6, 2012

Another Mario Pattern

Well I finished another mario pattern. I love the little mario mushrooms so it was only fitting to remake this and do my own pattern for it. This little mushroom was very easy to make. My family has asked me to continue and make the rest of the mario characters for them. So in between all my other projects I will sneak in some time to work on the rest of the characters.

 My mom fell in love with this little guy and has asked me to make her one so that she can travel with it on her vacations and she is going to take pictures of the mini mushroom on her ventures. I will share her photos from her traveling mini mushroom adventures as they go. I think its a nifty little idea that I might just have to do with my lil guy on our adventures.

Well anyway the pattern for this guy will go into testing this week and as soon as I get it back the pattern will be available in my ETSY Shop. If you are a follower and saw the bomb-omb post last week. That guy is supposed to be out of testing this week and the pattern will be posted in my shop following a good review from the testers.

On another note I am looking for more crochet testers for patterns that I will have coming up if you are interested please email me or contact me on my Facebook page for more information.

Happy Crafting!!

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