Thursday, March 29, 2012

Homemade Book Cover

Ok so I am sure we all have one a big book full of our favorite patterns, craft ideas, or just a few of your favorite things. Well I wanted to make a nice book cover for my big book of crafting ideas. This is a great project for any beginner sewer.

So the first thing I did was take my measurements of the book/binder then measured out my fabric. I measured the length and width about 1/3 inch longer on each end so that you have enough room to work with. 
After I finished sewing both the top and the bottom in length I did the same for my inside pocket cover. I had changed fabric for the inside cover. 

 After my length edges were sewn up. I attached the inside pocket cover to the outside cover on the width edges and along the length edge. to make a pocket

 I slipped it over my binder to make sure everything fit ok.

 Last but not least I added a small decoration piece on the outside to give it a little contrast.

This was a very quick and easy project.

Happy Sewing

Smalltown Mama

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