Friday, March 2, 2012

Shaving Cream Stamping!

This has to be one of my favorite techniques when stamping! When I was gathering supplies for this project though, I realized I use glossy paper a lot when stamping. If you're like me and enjoy the glossy paper, I encourage you to check out how to do 'Polished Stone.' Its another one of my favorite and somewhat similar to this one!

What you need
  • Glossy paper/photo paper
  • shaving cream (not the gel)
  • reinkers/ink refills of 2 or more colors
  • stamps
  • paper towel/cotton ball/tissue
  • tooth pick/popsicle stick/flat knife

  1. First, find something disposable to work with. It makes clean up a lot easier. I used a plain sheet of printer paper. Put a generous amount of shaving cream on your surface and spread somewhat flat.
  2. Put a variety of drops on top of the spread shaving cream. You will find different amounts will give different results. 
     3.  Take your toothpick/popsicle stick/flat knife and spread the drops in various ways. There are so          many possibilities with this, and no two will be the same..
     4. Place your glossy paper (glossy side down) over your shaving cream and press down slightly.
     5. Remove the glossy paper. There will be shaving cream on your paper. Slowly wipe away shaving cream.
     6. When you are done, your paper should look like some variation of the picture below.

You can either leave it as is, use it as a background or stamp over it like I did in the picture to the left.

Hope you find yourself playing with shaving cream when stamping!

 Until next craft....

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