Sunday, March 25, 2012

Dressing up a Container

First I would like to say how sorry I am about the lateness of my posts these past few weeks. I was sick for a while there and then the hubby surprised me with a mini vaca to just get away for a couple days and relax. Wouldn't you know I left my laptop on the counter when we left and didn't realize it till 200 miles later. So I will be posting my projects the remainder of the week. I hope you enjoy.

My first project I dressed up a nestle quick container that stores my pens. This is a very fast and easy no sew project. I love containers, and I have containers to hold just about everything. Just recently I have started dressing up my containers so that they have a little more style.

I am also a big fan of pens and markers and have just about every color of sharpie and gel pen. Anyway so what I did for my pen container was take some plain white fabric, some brown ribbon, and some teal glitter. Ohh and some glue!

First I layed a line of glue down and placed the fabric right over the line.

Each time I rounded a side on the short sides I would lay a line of glue down to secure the fabric to the container

 Then I wrapped the fabric around the container enough times so that you don't see any writing. If you are using a clear container you won't need as much fabric.

After I layed my fabric down then I glued down the brown ribbon.

Next I glued the rim of the container then layed some glitter over it to just give it a little bling..

Last I labeled the container. I will eventually add some extra details as I come across them.

What do you do with your empty containers?

Happy Crafting!
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