Monday, May 4, 2015

Blog Stalkers ~ Issue #4

April sure brought some amazing blog posts! Spring is here and many bloggers are blogging about it. We’d love to see what posts you’ve found so be sure to drop us a comment or share on our Facebook Page, we’d love to see you over there! And now for the fun part… our blog finds!

stephanieHi there Stephanie here one of your friendly neighborhood blog stalkers. I have a family that is CONSTANTLY on the go and it seems that we are gone at least 4 days a week when the weather gets nice. With that we are almost always in need of certain items. My family has been doing this for years. And I wanted to share a blog post that I found that is great from the Tip Toe Fairy
CrystalMy oldest son is a kindergartner. As a first time mom of a child in school, I want everything to be perfect! I want him to succeed, I want his classmates and teacher to love him, I want him to be safe…. as of right now, it’s off to a perfect start! And then there’s a holiday, a day in which a gift should be given to the teacher and I’m torn! I want my son to give something nice, something his AMAZING teacher would love and use… but what??? Year after year, students give teacher gifts… what would really stand out?? And there’s SO MANY blog posts on ideas, all of which are great… but I found the best gift of all, one I never would have thought of. We all like to be recognized for our hard work and our teachers have one of the most important jobs of all- teaching our children. What better gift to give than a letter to a principal or administrator explaining how amazing your child’s teacher is! Brilliant idea!! Read more from It’s Always Autumn and her post about the very best (and free) gift you can give your child’s teacher. And just a reminder- Teacher Appreciation week is May 4-8.
lisa-270x300As we near the end of another school year, I have been looking for ways to tame the paper monster of drawings, stories, and report cards. I already take pictures or scan artwork and special project but then what? They end up taking up space on my hard drive. I need organization and inspiration so I turned to Pinterest. My blog find this month has met several of my challanges. Thirty Handmade Days has a plethera of binder ideas including a School Binder. It even includes a First Day and Last Day interview form to have your children fill out. They also have binder printable for the family.
Thank you for following us and looking forward to next months finds….
Until next month,
Stephanie, Lisa, & Crystal

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