Monday, March 30, 2015

Blog Stalkers ~ Issue #3

March has come and gone. Spring is here and we all seem to be on the upside of the sicknesses.  We have some great blogs to share with you this week.  Don't forget to follow us on Facebook-
"Hi there Stephanie here one of your friendly blog stalkers. WhenI first decided to start blogging I started following a blog called U Create. I found this blog to cover so much in the DIY world and better yet just about everything that comes out of this blog is bright, colorful, and inspiring!!!! Head on over and check out U Create for yourself!!!!!

I love crochet, that's no secret! But crochet in my life is limited! What do I mean?? Well, I have a few hats, a few tops, and a few items that are not yet complete that are just for me but that's it! No crochet blanket, no slippers, no hot pads or scrubbies... so when I found this article from Moogly, I had to share it with you all! The post is about 10 FREE crochet curtain patterns. Love, love, LOVE #3 on her list... and #10!!! Hilarious!!!! One day, I will have crocheted curtains! What kind of crochet do you make for yourself?
This months Blog find was one of desperation. Having 2 boys who both spend way to much time on electronics, I needed a solution. I wanted to incorporate a chore chart but not pay them for doing things like brushing teeth or making bed. Homework is a must but I would give time on tablets for doing it without whining (oh anything to stop the whining). I found lots of blog posts but the one I liked the most was I am still finding my way around the system we are putting into place but I am so excited for trying it out. So far my 7 yr old has chipped in more around the house and even has more completed that his 10 yr old brother. If you are finding yourself at a loss for finding a happy median between the tv, tablets, game systems, and just plain old legos, check out this blog post:
Thank you for following us and looking forward to next months finds....
Until next month,
Stephanie, Lisa, & Crystal

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