Monday, November 27, 2017

Butterfly Charm Block Week 5

I honestly Love Mondays lately lol. Every week I get to share a pretty butterfly with you to start the week out right! For those of you that are just tuning in My best Friend Crystal from Crystalized Designs and I have been doing a butterfly charm block sew along for a few weeks now. 5 to be exact. We are using the Butterfly Charm Block  Paper Piece Pattern by Lillyella stitchery. There are 3 different butterfly patterns to her pdf and I love them all!

For those of you that might be unsure of paper piecing I honestly suggest this amazing  tutorial by Connecting Threads.  After I watched this a few times it has been super easy ever since!!!!

I really love how my light green one turned out!!! This was the Gadget Pattern. I can usually work up each butterfly in about an hour or so.

I am really excited for next week's color. I will be using pink!!!!

If you’re joining in on the sewing fun, I’d love to see! Feel free to post pictures on or tag me on any social media site!

Have a wonderful day!!!!

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