Sunday, April 15, 2012

Children's Hospital Homemade Blanket Drive

This is going to be Smalltown Dreamz's first ever Homemade Blanket Drive. So first I would like to give the reason for this Homemade Blanket Drive.

When my son was about 3 months old I thought something was wrong and of course me being a first time mom thought it was something way worse than what it was and packed up my baby and had my husband rush us to the hospital. They put him in a gown and took some blood.  If I recall they put a catheter in him also to get a urine sample. Anyway turns out he was just constipated lol.
In the meantime of getting his test results and such the nurse had me sit in a rocking chair and try to calm Jesse down. Another nurse than brought me this beautiful handmade baby quilt to wrap my lil guy in. At that moment I realized why it was that my grandma spent so much of her life donating time to the hospitals family center. It was to give moms like me a sense of love and comfort during an emotional time. I remember the feeling of love when the nurse gave me that quilt that someone I didn't even know made a quilt so that I could wrap up my baby and hold him close to me in that time of need.

I have also had many friends that have had some very scary moments and had to take the children to Children's Hospital for surgeries amongst other things. I have had 2 family members that spent a good portion of their toddler and infant years in and out of Children's Hospital. This Hospital has done so much to save our babies lives and they truly try to accommodate the families as well as they can and make sure they have all the support that the families can get.

I would like to give other families the feeling I got when I took my baby to the hospital. The feeling of love and a sense of comfort when things are stressed.
This Blanket Drive will run from April 15th 2012 through November 15 2012.

We are looking for Blankets that are Crocheted, Knitted, Quilts, or even if you are not into crafts we will accept Brand New Blankets. However we prefer Homemade because you know they are made from the heart.  Blanket sizes should be no larger than 50x60 and no smaller than 30x40. The reason I say 50x60 is so that the older kids can get a blanket also.

Also please DON'T WASH the blankets. There are allergies to detergents. Also if you could send a note with what material each blanket is made from, this is for the safety of fabric allergies. There are many kids that are in this hospital day in and day out. Many of them with little visitors. I want them to know that people care and are thinking about them everyday.

If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments section or you can email me at

Here is the address that you can send your homemade blankets to.

Comfort for Kids
Attn: Stephanie Jennings
PO box 452
Slinger WI 53086

We will be collecting them and putting them in storage containers until the delivery date. This way they stay safe. On Nov 24th 2012 my Co-Writer and I will be taking all the blankets and donating them to Children's Hospital.

Happy Crafting!

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