Thursday, January 29, 2015

Blog Stalkers Issue 1

Welcome to our first ever blog stalkers!

What are we? Stalkers... only not the creepy kind! We're a group of 3 stalkers, taking the first few weeks each month looking for the perfect post we'd like to share with you! But these posts will be about a variety of things. Yes, that's right! The three of us love crochet but we won't be bringing you just crochet related things.
This month we've found some pretty interesting things! Check out what we found below. Found a post that you love? Share it with us in the comments! Be sure to check out our Facebook page and drop links to your posts or posts you love!Stephanie Smalltown Dreamz
"Hi there Stephanie here one of your friendly blog stalkers. Normally I would share a particular post but I honestly love everything Esther writes. As many of you know I just had a baby this past October. I felt it so refreshing to read a blog about parenting and family life that was so "real". I think that anyone that goes to this blog and reads her stories they would be able to relate to at least one of them. Please take a look I promise you it is worth the read.
lisa"Lisa here with my Blog find for the month. This is a recipe post that I found while looking for the perfect pie to take to my families Thanksgiving Dinner. It is the Chocolate pie from Pioneer Woman. Since then I have made it for my husband’s birthday and probably making it for Super Bowl. Yes, it’s that good!
However, I do have a few tips to share on my experience.
The recipe is for 1 pie using 6.5 oz of chocolate baking bar. The Ghirardelli Chocolate Baking Bars come in 4ozs, so I doubled the recipe and bought 3 bars totaling 12 oz(I didn't add an additional ounce) . This made 3 pies as the single recipe gives you a pie and some extra. I used 2 bittersweet and one semi-sweet bar.
My only problem was in the directions she writes "The second it starts to bubble and thicken (note: It should be thick like pudding!) remove it from the heat." When it started to bubble I quickly removed it. Well..... it was not thick enough (it was sorta thick but I was more worried about "when it starts to bubble" part. I ended up putting it back on the stove after I had mixed it all to thicken more. So... since that first time, I let it bubble longer and I make sure it is "really like pudding" but keep stiring so it doesn't burn the bottom of the pan.
I hope you all enjoy and I would love to see your pies. Feel free to post the pictures on my Facebook page- "
"Hey there!! It's Crystal! Crochet is my favorite craft but I also like to stay organized. I am very much a list person, you'll find them all over my house along with calendars, notes, scratch pads and much more. But this month I wanted to share with you a blog I found perfect for anyone that likes print outs. I know I do! Each year I print off one of Mom's Budget's Crochet Project Tracker and fill out what unfinished projects I have. Each year I TRY to complete those on the list. I add to the list throughout the year when I remember as well. Those projects that I have no desire to finish after a year, I decided to unwind them unless I really feel I will complete it... eventually! This site has many great print outs but also much, much more! Take look and let me know what you think!"
Until next month,
Stephanie, Lisa, & Crystal

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Here's to 2015

Coming Up for 2015.....

Wow!!! 2014 came and went but what an amazing year it was over here!!!! I am truly looking forward to a new year though.

For starters I have dipped my hands in a few different venues. One, I am a Mad Mad Maker which many of you know but as of summer of 2014 I was brought on as an admin. I think my official title is Mad Minstrel. haha. I am also involved with a new project called Blog Stalkers. You will see more about that in the upcoming months!

Upcoming Products for 2015

  • I am planning on a few different crochet patterns to be released this year. 
  • I will be bringing my clay buttons back to my Etsy Shop this Spring.
  • **NEW** Coming this Spring I will be releasing embroidery designs.

Also coming in 2015 I will be having a weekly link up and a monthly link up. Detail on those are coming up soon.

I am looking forward to another awesome year and I hope you hang around for the ride!!

Happy Crafting

Looking Forward.....

As I sit here and dust off the cobwebs to my tiny ghost town of a blog, I am excited to make a fresh start and slowly get back to what...