Sunday, May 26, 2013

Stash it Sunday ~ Week 17

AAHHHH Oh my dear. It has been 2 weeks since I have been able to get on and actually write. Just a quick update. I had came down with a bad infection and had to have a couple IV's with some strong antibiotics pumped in as well as taking 2 strong antibiotics once I was released to go home. I am doing much better and the infection has no passed. I honestly didn't expect to be down as long as I was but sometimes there is nothing we can do.

However I am feeling better and I am back at it. So on that note I have some AWESOME collections to show you. 

Fat Quarter Shop


This is a collection that I recently picked up. I can't wait to make my son a quilt out of this. He is super excited about it after seeing the fabric when it came in. He asked if there was any left over if I could make a matching pillow so we will see. But as you can see I think any little boy would love this collection. The Dino Roars Collection by Michael Miller not only has a great "boyish" color scheme but the simplicity of it makes it that much better.

Here are a couple other pieces I picked up recently

If you haven't had the pleasure then make sure you stop in and see all the amazing collections that Fat Quarter Shop has to offer. The site is neatly organized so you can find exactly the style of fabric you are looking for.

 The Fat quarter shop can be found on Facebook and you can also follow them on their blog page - The Jolly Jabber -

I always love to hear from my readers so why don't you let me know what you would do with this collection if it was in your stash.....
Happy Stashing,


Thursday, May 2, 2013

A new blend of buttons.

Have you seen the latest collection of buttons that has recently been released in our shop. 

If not have a peek!!! 

I like to call these the striped blended collections. 

 The striped blended collection can be found in many different varieties. There is a soft striped blend much like the blue set just to the left here. Where you have just a hint of the striping. 

The 2nd type of striping is the more noticeable striping. It has very defined blend lines between the different colors. 

The striped blends can be found in 2 or more colors. As you can see in the picture to the right with the pink striping you can see some gold striping throughout to give it a nice contrast. 


These style of buttons are great accent pieces on any project you are working on. If you have a special project and would like to custom order your own set of striped blended buttons please feel free to message me either through ETSY, Facebook, or E-mail.

If you would like to see more buttons hop on over to my ETSY Shop to see what is in stock.

Happy Crafting


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