Sunday, December 23, 2012

My First Apron!!!

Well its finished and I just had to share!!!

 For those that may have missed Friday's Post here is a quick recap. In the beginning of the month a friend of mine had asked me to sew up a few things for a kitchen set that she is building for her daughter. I did a hot pad, oven mitt, curtain panels, and this apron. I didn't have a pattern to follow so I cut it out of paper and then cut my fabric according to the paper pieces I cut. Other than the fleece hats I had sewn for the craft fair in November this is the closest I have come so far to wearable garments.

I will be doing a tutorial on this apron coming up in early 2013 and I will also be selling the oven mitt, hot pad, and apron sets in my shop coming up sometime in 2013 as well. I would love to know what colors and fabrics you would like to see them in or is this something that would consider buying for your little girl, niece, or granddaughter. I have also been thinking about coming up with a more manly style and making some boy sets.

The oven mitt and hot pads are insulated so that when they get older they can help mom and dad in the kitchen.

Merry Christmas and Happy Crafting
Smalltown Mama


  1. What a great finish! Doesn't it feel good to finish a new kind of project?!

  2. Congrats on your apron. I love the fabric!


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