Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Decorating with ribbon


Today starts a photo challenge that my co-writer is doing on my sister site KiKi Love Creations. It sounds like it will be a neat photo experience. 

Also my readers are going to get a sneak peak today at Tomorrows post  which will also be found on my sister site. My Husband and I did a remodel on my crafting studio this week. I am so happy that it's finished. I love that all my stuff has a place and the flow over has containers. Everything is color coordinated and organized properly (at least for the time being.)

Today I am going to do a small tutorial and sneak peak at part of my studio.

Decorating with Ribbon

I am not a fan of ugly wood edges like this.

So what I like to do is jazz them up with ribbon or some sort of embellishment. The first thing is to make sure you measure ALL your ribbon to the length of your wood edges. I do this first to make sure I have enough ribbon to cover the whole project.

My table lengths measured to 54 in long and they were 1/2 of an inch thick. So I used 3/4 inch white ruffled ribbon and 1/4 in blue ribbon.

Next I used my Tacky Glue and squeezed a line of glue onto the back of the ribbon. Then I took the ribbon and placed it on the edge of the wood pressing firmly to get it laid out nice and smooth. I choose a ribbon that stuck out over both edges and 1/8th of an inch.

Then I did the same with my smaller ribbon gluing that to the center of my first ribbon. This makes a nice accent piece to bring out the colors that are on my fabric lined shelves. 

Last but not least I added some buttons as an extra added embellishment. I love buttons so it was only fitting that they were involved in this project. 

I hope that you join me in tomorrow's reveal of the entire studio on my sister site KiKi Love Creations. I always love to hear from my readers so let me know what was one of the ways you personalized your crafting area.

              Happy Crafting!

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