Friday, November 8, 2013

New Button Hair Clips

Guess What!!!!!! Smalltown Dreamz has a new product out. I love using my buttons for all different types of things. Recently I came across a box full of flowers that I can create myself and decided to use my buttons as the flower centers. After that it didn't take long before I realized that I had to make hair clips haha.

So with out further ado I would like to introduce you to the new Button Flower Hair Clips

Purple Button Hair Clip
Handmade Purple Polymer Clay  Button Flower Hair Clip

Yellow Button Hair Clip
Handmade Yellow Polymer Clay  Button Flower Hair Clip

Sea Green Button Flower Hair Clip
Handmade Sea Green Polymer Clay  Button Flower Hair Clip

I would love to know what you think of our new product?!?! We also have a few new button collections that have recently been added to the shop.

Handmade Blue and White Stripe ~ Polymer Clay Buttons (Set of 8) Handmade Black and Pink Soccer Ball ~ Polymer Clay Buttons (Set of 6) Handmade Black and Silver Polymer Clay  Buttons (Set of 4)

You may also request custom buttons in any color choice and size of your choice. You may check out the rest of my button collection in my ETSY Shop

Have a Great Weekend Everyone!!!!

Happy Crafting


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