Saturday, April 27, 2013

More than just buttons!!!!

Ever since I started making buttons my little guy has been interested in helping or at least playing with his own clay. So when he is in the mood he sets up a spot next to me and practices pressing the clay into his favorite molds.

A few weeks ago Michael's had a sale on clay for 87 CENTS!!!!! Of course I had to stock up but I also was able to get my little one some special glow in the dark clay, so that he could have his Dino buttons that would glow.

So we got home and got right to it. He was so excited and might I add very proud of himself. Of course I touched them up and smoothed out the edges for him but this was his very first set that got to go in the oven.

He loved to play with them after they were done and would show them to anybody that he could. The other day he was playing with them and asked me to put magnets on them so he could put them on the door and the fridge. Of course I jumped at the chance to do a craft that HE asked to do lol.

I wish I could have been able to get a photo or two of him working on the buttons but he is in his no picture stag and I was lucky enough to sneak one in of him admiring his magnet buttons. HaHa.

Here are some other samples of some specialty buttons available through custom orders at Smalltown Dreamz. 

Contact me via Etsy, Facebook, Email ( ~With Subject Line : Specialty Buttons.) 

Happy Crafting


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