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So much has changed since I first started blogging. I am not even sure where to start. (lol) Well first and probably the most important is that we have a new edition to our family. That is right we had another BABY!!! We brought baby boy #2 into the world the first week of Oct 2014. Boy #1 is an amazing big brother so far. I can't not even explain how much joy I am filled with and how blesses I really am.

In terms of my illness we were able to really regulate it to where I am only having 1 or 2 episodes a month. I think I have gained a sense of control over the passed couple years and really learned how to get through them the best I can. I have had an amazing team behind me and I can't be more blessed for all the support I have received.

I am slowly jumping back into things since I had the baby. I have some new ideas for some crochet patterns and my most recent activity lately (mainly because its pretty hands free has been embroidery. I bought my first embroidery machine in spring of 2014 and just this late fall really started getting into it. I have been having so much fun and sshhh don't tell the hubby but I already want to upgrade lol.

If you are just tuning in and would like to know a little more about me please read up on my history.


 Most of my time is managed trying to take care of the house, our kids, and CRAFTING. During the summer months we live for the outdoors. I love being able to go to the beach and clear my head by taking a ball of yarn and a crochet hook and just watch the waves come in. My husband and I love to travel to the different state park systems within our state. Wisconsin has some beautiful land if you can get out of the city and head north or west. A couple of years ago I became very sick and disabled and don’t have to the option of going out a lot. This is when crafting for me became more than just a hobby. This is my way of sharing with the world and being able to meet new people and new friends. I will never let what happens with my health stop me from being me and letting me be the best mom and wife I know I can be.

I originally started writing this blog as a DIY Crafting Blog. However I knew 2 heads were better than one. I had seen on Facebook one of my friends was posting a lot about crafting, family stuff, and then also her business for crocheted photo props. So I wrote her one day and asked her start writing with me. Over the past few months things have evolved into something that is more than I ever imagined it could be. This month we launched KiKi Love Creations which is personal collaboration of both of us and we are so pleased to be able to share our ideas, creations, and stories with you. For Smalltown Dreamz there are great things to come. Last month I started creating and selling my own crochet pattern. This is a new adventure for me and so far I am loving every moment of it.

My biggest crafting supporter is definitely my husband. Over the past couple years Him and I  have learned how to recycle everything and to budget the pennies so that I might be able to buy a couple supplies here and there. I have to give a huge thank you to so many of my family members that helped get me started. Every Birthday and Christmas I always put on my Christmas list in big bold letters ***NEED CRAFTING SUPPLIES*** this seems to work because every year I get more supplies to work with. My husband does surprise me here and there with some special items he knows that I really want or would like. He loves garage sale time. This is one other time of the year where I usually get the chance to stock up on a few things. 

Every week I try to sit down with my son and work on a project with him. Then the rest of my time is spent working on projects for the house, gifts for others, or just for fun. I love to up cycle everything. There is so much you can do with an empty containers, bottles and boxes. During Christmas of 2011 my husband bought me my first sewing machine. Ever since we took it out of the box I have been hooked. With this in mind I have 2 new loves and I can’t wait to start building up my stock pile on Fabric and Buttons. I never in my 25 years of crafting had anyone that was really into sewing or quilting. My late Grandmother but she passed when I was younger and wasn't able to learn from her. The person that actually taught me how to sew was my husband. He showed me the few basic steps and I took it from there. I started looking at tutorials and watching YouTube Videos on the basics of sewing and the rest I have been figuring out by trial and error. 

I also have a huge passion for Photography. I love to take pictures and capture those special moments. It is an amazing feeling to sit there and go through your photos and it can tell you a story. I have also done website and graphic development since my teens. I have created the logos for both sites along with some special projects here and there. My life outside of my family and crafting I would say the rest of my time is spent on the computer. I have met many people online and have very close relationships with them even though we don't get to see each other. This is very helpful since I got sick to keep from getting lonely when My husband is at work and my son is either at school or playing. 

I hope that you will enjoy everything you find on this blog. please if you have any questions you can always contact us at smalltowndreamz@gmail.com. I look forward to meeting new people and hearing your stories. With the little one starting school this next year I know I will have tons more time for crafting and I have already started making a list.

 I hope you comeback to check out what we are doing. Have a great day and god bless.

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